Sunday, December 03, 2006

Actually accomplished something recording

And it feels great! For the first time yet, we (meaning me) actually got a good take! It is for one of my favorite songs by us, so I am pretty excited about it.

It is a fast, semi-technical piece called, "Bloodsick." Basically, it is a song about vampires, but not in the cheesy, Hollywood-influenced, romanticized "Interview with the Vampire" style. More of a sinister, somber look at life as a vampire. The BPM (beats per minute) was set at 190, so it really wasn't that difficult or chops-intensive. I was satisifed with the take I got, even though I made a few minor errors on a couple of fills. This is only a demo, and I stuck all the "1's" so that is all that really matters.

Once we get some guitar, bass, and vox on it, I will def put it up on my music website.

Until next time,

Tom V

Here is a short post I made for all you other drummers out there, this is one of those classic rock songs everyone should know

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