Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Classics

I look around today and see something that bothers me. Not enough music fans or musicians appreciate the classics - bands that influenced the bands they like today. For instance, if you like soul music, I am talking about artists like Stevie Wonder or Aretha Franklin. If you like rock music, I am talking about bands like Zeppelin, Purple, Sabbath, The Stones, Aerosmith, and on, and on we can go.

Why is is that so many kids today only like new music? I mean, come on, you aren't going to tell that Limp Bizkit can compare with The Who, are you? Not to say that there aren't some very talented bands coming out these days. I just think that the saying, "respect your elders," might ring true here.

If you go back and listen a lot of these bands, you will hear some really crazy stuff. And I don't necassarily mean their singles, I am talking about their good stuff. Like Zeppelin's "Achilles Last Stand." Not to say I don't love every Zeppelin album (I do), I am just pointing out that there is a lot of really great music out there that is pretty unknown.

Ever heard of Toys in the Attic? I hope so, that album is totally awesome. I bet a lot of kids in bands today don't know who did it. You gotta know your Sabbath though, I mean, come on. The funny thing is I am only twenty one, and I own every Sabbath album and love them all. I love every incarnation of them.

I know I have been influenced by old bands as well as new. I think you need to look to the past if you've never heard some of these albums. And if you own Van Halen II, go put it on your stereo and turn it up to "11!"


Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

I'll take VH II with me on the drive today! Good call. Actually, I am starting to see a small little hedge of kids getting into the classics. Let's face it, only U2 can make the claim of being a supergroup that is still reasonably young. There is no other supergroup out there of any kind of relevance. Maybe Korn, but it's not widespread, it's still a niche thing. That's my word of the day: niche. The problem is there are too many bands out there right now, too much availability, too much ease to put ordinary or sub-par stuff out there that it doesn't raise the stakes on everyone to be supreme.

Thomas Vieira said...

I agree, I have seen a small streak of young kids into the classics. Overall though, like you said, it is too easy for them to go buy the new Panic at the Disco album.