Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Don't forget your...

When going to a gig or recording date, you must always be prepared. Some of you boy scouts may already be a step ahead of me, but let's see what I really mean.

Whatever instrument you play, there are necessary pieces of equipment you can't play without. If you are a guitarist, this means your guitar (DUH!), an amplifier, speakers, a power cord, and a patch cable. But don't forget about your picks, and a back up set of strings. Do you use an effects pedal? Better have a spare set of batteries!

What I am getting at is that some things are easier to remember than others. If you are a drummer, there are other things than drums, cymbals, sticks, and hardware. You should definitely have backup sticks that you can grab easy, and a drum key. What happens if a drum head breaks? It is never a bad idea to have some duct tape around.

Just some things to think about. Make a check list so your band's show won't be ruined by your forgetfulness.


Here is an article I wrote about musicians being prepared

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