Sunday, November 12, 2006


...just got done with a really long practice, and man, am I spent. We worked on a few covers we have been trying to nail lately, and it was kind of draining. The songs we are doing are PANTERA's "Domination" and "Strength beyond strength," and SLAYER's "Postmortem." Not sure if any of you are familiar with these guys but both are really quality bands.

It is cool how we were able to all go home and learn the songs individually, then come together and play them. We are getting those three pretty tight, and also have a few Sabbath and Zeppelin covers in the wings! Lately we have been having trouble coming up with new material, and doing a few covers has given us a much needed creative break.

Check out my site, RockBlockOnline. There are some cool articles over there for musicians, and if you have a ever been in a band you know it isn't as easy as people think! Bands and musicians get together and discuss common (and some not so common) problems that you face trying to make it the music biz. Check it out, you might make some good connections!

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PS - :-( patriots losing :-(

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Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

It's not easy indeed. My only shot at a band was never really a shot because we practiced a lot, but couldn't find a bass player and one day everyone just quietly gave up. I was stunned and a bit pissed off, especially since I had an outstanding bill for my drums, so I had to sell them to get the money paid back. That was pretty much it. I have a lot of percussion instruments now, but no time to play.

Sorry, I'm a Steelers fan and thanking God they finally won! I'm also a huge hockey head, though it's depressing you can't find a lot of it on the tube, but I'm normally busy as hell anyway, so...