Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Finding your groove

Sometimes I see bands not really sticking with what works. Now you may have read a post I made about not letting yourself get stale, and while I think this is very important, I also feel it should be balanced.

What I mean by this is don't get to out of control always trying to do new stuff. When you take this concept overboard, you run the risk of losing your identity and not having an identifiable sound. There are bands that just have that great trademark sound, like Pink Floyd and the Rolling Stones. When you hear one of these bands songs, you instantly know it is them. I personally think this is usually a good thing.

Some bands have been accused of taking this too far; for example, AC/DC. I tend to disagree, I still think they are a solid band, if not the most technically proficient. To add to this, by having that recognizable sound, you have a more marketable product (if you care about this at all :P).

Don't think I am telling you to stay the same - just remember, don't lose your identity as a band. If people know who you are, but also look forward to hearing your NEW song, you're doing something VERY right.

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Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

Only bands like The Ramones, Motorhead and AC/DC have been able to get away with releasing the same album and still be critically heralded for it. Not sure why, maybe it's a niche thing, but even Motorhead was forced to make a few alterations on Kiss of Death. Otherwise, yeah, no one is forgiving of the same ol' same ol' and probably good thay way. Helps keep musicians honest.