Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sad day

Sorry for starting this blog off on a bad note, but there is no way to escape how you feel. Today is a sad day, and it looks as though the NE Patriots will not have the division locked up. At 6-3 now, it is still open. A really crucial loss, the Jets just played better on both sides of the ball. Brady seemed off, and it seemed everytime Pennington made a pass it was complete. Not to mention the O line is having its worse year in a long time.

On another note, this blog will mainly be focused on writing about rock and music - seeing how music is my number one passion (ahead of sports :-p). I am in a band, as well as in a couple of side projects that I think a lot of you would really enjoy. If you like to play guitar, or even listen to guitar, we already have something in common! I like all different kinds of music, especially heavier stuff and also more musically technical stuff.

If you're a musician, maybe we could learn a few things from each other. After all, it is hard trying to make it in this cutthroat music biz. From large studio recording fees to internal problems, we could all use support from our fellow musicians. Whether you like Kentucky bluegrass or UK synthpop, we all have something in common... a love of music!

Until next time,


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